What Do I Mean When I Talk About Our- ENERGY FIELD/ AURA

Energy is present everywhere, it’s all around us and in every living thing.
We normally call it – Atmosphere and commonly will refer to how we feel the atmosphere to be. Things like lighting candles creates a relaxing atmosphere, whilst arguments will create a negative atmosphere.

The Earth atmosphere energy balance is the balance between in coming energy from the sun and outgoing energy from the Earth.
Energy released from the Sun is emitted as short wave light and ultra violet energy.
When it reaches the Earth, some is reflected back to space by clouds, some is absorbed by the atmosphere and some is absorbed at the Earth surface.

There are lots of everyday ways we see energy working and we learn a little of the physics side at school, but what do I mean when I talk about ‘Our own Energy Field’?

Our own energy field is our spiritual or etheric energy, also known as our soul.

What is a Energy Field- Aura?

Our Aura or our Energy Field is our own personal power, it’s our life force and reflects all aspects of us, our Body, Mind, Spirit, everything we do, feel, think and experience in life.

The word ‘Aura’ is a Greek word meaning ‘Breeze’ or ‘Air’, relating to the ‘air’ or energy that emanates from the body.

To most people our Aura is invisible but without always knowing we all feel it and can feel other people’s energy too.
Think about the times you meet someone and instantly feel a connection and at ease with them or maybe you just don’t gel with them and feel uncomfortable around them, that is their energy you are picking up on.
Just like you knowing when a close friend or family member might not be ok, even when they say they are, you can just sense that they are not themselves as their energy will be different to if they were actually ok and when you know someone you also know their energy.

Every living thing has a energy field/ Aura, plants, mountains, rocks, sun, moon, animals… energy is everywhere, it’s all around us as well as living amongst alot of electromagnetic energy from all the electrical devices we own and wifi that is around. Electromagnetic energy is what we ideal us want to protect our energy from and be mindful of how much we are exposed to it.

Our Aura is a constant flow of energy and will change throughout the day reflecting on how we are feeling. The happier we feel the bigger our Aura will be, the same as when we feel sad and down our Aura shrinks with us. See the image of the person with a rainbow of colours all around them, this is what our Aura looks like, everyone’s being unique to them and changing as we change with emotions and wellbeing. The colours are made up from our chakras and reflect how we are functioning.

We have 7 layers of our Aura and each layer connects to a different aspect, such as –

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual, our outer Aura (spiritual) has the highest vibration.

If we are experiencing any imbalances within our life it can show up in our energy field.
Any trauma and physical injury can also leave negative blockages and in turn can slow any healing and also lead to further energetic imbalances.

For our energy field to be flowing and balanced there are many ways we can help ourselves, but a very powerful way is to connect and work with our chakras.
(See Chakra information here)

If our Chakras are balanced and aligned it can go a long way to keeping a positive, strong and vibrant energy field, promoting a well being feeling.

Working on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects are all as important as each other to create overall balance.