What Are Chakras? A Chakra is a vortex’s of energy within our energy field also known as our Aura. Each of our 7 Chakras help us to function everyday of our lives. They are the main energy points of our own life force energy field we all have 7 main Chakra Points, running centrally through our body. These are known as:

Crown Chakra

Top of Head

Third Eye Chakra

Central Forehead/ Between Eyes
Dark Blue

Throat Chakra

Pale Blue

Heart Chakra

Centre of Chest
Pink and Green

Solar Plexus Chakra

Above Belly Button

Sacral Chakra

Below Belly button

Base Chakra

Base Of Spine

Each Chakra relates to a different part of the physical body, has its own colour, own energetic vibration, own symbol, own musical note and scent. By keeping your Chakras balanced and being more aware and in tune with your own energy, you can keep on top of how you are feeling and functioning a lot better.

A Chakra being balanced, over stimulated or under stimulated will all have different effects on how we feel. If we are holding onto stress or tension, have a physical ailment, Mental or Emotional problem, this can all show up in our energy field as blockages or as a chakra being out of balance. Using methods that feel good to you to help keep your chakras balanced is a great idea and such a powerful self healing tool.

Some easy ways to help keep our chakras in balance:

  • Meditation, using a meditation that connects to your chakras is a perfect way for you to gain more control and help yourself on a energy level, bringing balance and alignment to each chakra.
  • We can select crystals to help balance our Chakras, by choosing them for their colour and energy vibration.
  • Using Daily Mantras and Positive affirmations can also help to keep our chakras in check.
  • Wearing coloured clothes that connect to certain chakras is a great way as well as using Aromatherapy Oils that link to a particular chakras you want to work on also helps.

There are many ways you can help yourself bring balance and alignment, meditation and crystals are my favourite ways.

Although we have 7 main Chakra points we have many more Chakras all over our body, some other main Chakra points are in the palms of our hands, souls of our feet and also a higher chakra and grounding chakra, but working with the 7 main chakras is a perfect. Take a look at the chart to see where on the body our chakras are and situated, their individual colour and what crystals are associated. Further down the page you will find out more about what it feels like to have chakras in and out of balance and also more information about what qualities and lessons each chakra has and the physical organs and glands in the body it links to.

More tips on how to balance your chakras and don’t forget to check out the range of Chakra Meditations, all designed to bring balance and alignment to each chakra.