Tips For Organising Your Mind And Letting Go

This is a brilliant way of organising your mind, letting go of past issues and helping you to move forward.

When we have lots of thoughts scrambled in our mind it can very quickly get out of control..
One small problem can turn into the biggest mountain and then it gets harder and harder to think about it.

Write your thoughts down, put pen to paper and allow everything to come out.
Write, Write and Write some more!!

It doesn’t matter what you put, no one will ever see it!! But when you read it back it will help in several way…

It allows you to get a better insight to what you are going through and actually thinking.

You can look over it and analyse it. Maybe now it’s all in front of you it’s not that big a deal?

Use this method for whatever you want to get your head around or anything you wish to let go of.

Once your done and feel that you have released that inner brain storm and feel that you have sorted it in your mind or let it go, you can either-

Rip that piece of paper up into lots of tiny pieces, making your problems as small as possible, destroying the connection and link you have to it.

It allows you to read it as if you were saying it to someone. This is very powerful, especially if you feel you have things to say.

You can burn it! Get satisfaction out of seeing your troubles gone forever!

You can keep it and use it as a tool to look back on and see where you've been and how far your progressed.

It’s yours to do with whatever you feel right!

Don’t hold onto to problems, let them go