Setting Up A Space For Relaxation and Meditation

When you are beginning to work with crystals, energy or meditation, it is always a good idea to have a space, a room or an area that you go to, this can help you to connect easier and there are ways you can make that space a positive and energised area.

Make your space special to you, you can include your favourite things, things that make you feel peaceful and relaxed. It will be different things for different people but these are some things to try.

Cleanse the energy of the room using Incense (my preference is Nag Champa ) or Smudge with a smudge stick and feather.

You can use Sound and other ways to cleanse too, but I find with incense it’s easy to do and you can instantly connect with the smell as a relaxing time.

Light some candles to create a relaxing feel to your room. You can use a candle light as a focus during Meditation also.

Music is something that also can easily set the tone and help the energies.
This will always be a personal preference but ideally something without words so you don’t end up singing along. Unless of course your Meditation includes that. .
Add Crystals to your room/ Space to cleanse and balance the energies. You can also use Crystals to hold during Meditation to help with focus and use as a healing tool.

You can add anything else that you want to, if you like Buddha’s then adding one to your space will help to make you feel peaceful as Buddha does.

Add any symbols, totems and crystals that you wish. Hematite is always a good one to have on hand to help with grounding. Good to hold or wear to help feel centred and grounded when doing energy work.

You can also include the 4 elements:

Water- glass of water
Earth- Crystals
Air-Empty small bowl .

There is so much more you can do, but these tips are a great start.



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