katealdenThe Mindfulness of Breathing Meditation MP3


The Mindfulness of Breathing Meditation MP3

The Mindfulness of Breathing Meditation is a great Meditation and a really important part of your development.

Learning what we can do with all the thoughts that pop into our head during meditation is key to be able to move forward and gain the most out of our session.

Practicing our Breathing and being able to control our breath is also a great life skill to have, it can help us and be beneficial on so many different levels.

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Mindfulness Of Breathing Meditation

This is a great FOUNDATION MEDITATION to learn.
Perfect for Beginners!

It helps you to focus your mind on your breathing and helps you to learn how to cut out outside noise and incoming distracting thoughts.

A lot of the time people find it hard to start Meditation as they are unsure of what to do and every time they try all they can think of is shopping, jobs and things they need to do etc.

Being able to cut all that noise out and focus is all about practice, training the mind and learning to use those thoughts if needed to make them part of your meditation.

The Mindfulness of Breathing is the Meditation that helped me quieten my busy mind and give me the tools to be able to sit quietly and enjoy meditation.
I hope you find it just as beneficial.


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