katealden1 Minute Meditation MP3


1 Minute Meditation MP3

1 Minute Meditation

Listen and download the MP3 version of the 1 Minute Meditation.

This is a great meditation for using out and about in times of stress and anxiety, you can use it help calm the mind and prepare you for other meditations too.


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The 1 Minute Meditation..

I have used this so many times!
Quick and easy to do, this little meditation technique can ‘save’ you in times of Stress, Panic, Nervous situations and lots of other different things.

You can do this anywhere, all you need is a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed.
(find a toilet cubicle if there isn’t anywhere else). .
Use a timer if needed.
This only needs to be for 1 Minute, it’s a quick technique to help you instantly.

Close your eyes to block out disturbances.

Feel your feet firmly on the ground.

When you Breathe , take long deep breaths, controlled as much as you can.
As you begin to calm down you will notice you can take more controlled breaths and for longer.

Be aware of your breathing and tell yourself you are breathing in and you are breathing out.

Take your first slow deep breath in, breathing in calmness. Pause for a moment. .
Notice the stillness? Can you feel your heart beating? That means your alive and doing great!

Breathe out as Slowly and as controlled as you can. Breath out your stress, panic or nerves, whatever it is, let it go. .
Focus your mind purely on your breathing and feeling connected to the ground.
See roots coming from the souls of your feet, grounding you.

Repeat this for 1 minute. .
Open your eyes slowly, take a deep breath in and tell yourself ‘Iv got this!’

Try it next time your faced with something that makes you feel on edge and let us know how it helped.


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