Preparing Yourself for Meditation

Chair Method Meditation Being as prepared and as comfortable as you can will help your meditation go with more ease and allow you to engage fully into it. I am going to talk about our positioning for sitting down, this also can apply for anyone who is in a wheelchair.

Chair Method
Where possible, use a chair with a straight back, flat seat and no arms.

Sit on the first half of the chair, so your not leaning back.
(wheelchair users your fine as you are, get into as much as a comfortable position as you can and follow what you are able to)

Feet apart and slightly turned out.
This forms your base and gives you stability.
You are now creating a triangle with your lower half.


Rest them together, palms up. Place your dominant hand underneath and keep your thumbs touching. This will ensure you are keeping a connection and if your thumbs break, your posture is slipping! Sit back up!


Relax and release tension. Meditation is an age old tradition and also one of the best things we can do to help ourselves cope with the stresses of life. It is a way of rebalancing ourselves on a energy level which in turn will help promote good health and support us when we need it.


Breath in through your nose, out through your mouth. Try and take deep but controlled breaths. Fill your lungs on the In breath in a nice and steady breath in and gently release in a slow and controlled manner too.


Keep them closed if your comfortable with that. If not, aim to only open them slightly and look down at the floor in front of you. Where your eyes naturally go from the position of your head.


Drop your head about 1”. This releases the pressure on your neck.


Keep your mouth closed and your tongue resting naturally in the mouth. Try resting it against the front of your top teeth to aid your focus and concentration.

Feel stable?
You should be a comfortable and relaxed position.
No pressure anywhere and feel that you can maintain that position for 20 mins.

Sitting up is important, this ensures our Chakras are open and not blocked by our posture and also all of internal organs are free to move.

Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing, and won’t get too cold.

Meditation can lower your core temperature as you get into it, so make sure your warm .

Have some water to hand for afterwards as this is a great grounding tool aswell as keeping you hydrated!🙌🏻

If you have some Hematite keep this close, it helps you to remain grounded and is brilliant to hold afterwards to ensure grounding.

These are all suggestions and ideas, meditation should never be a stress, there is no right or wrong so do what you are comfortable and happy with. We all need different things to get the best from our own meditation sessions.

Using Amethyst and Hematite for Meditation

By Meditating with Amethyst you not only enhance a deep relaxation and calming energy, Amethyst is also good for Meditation and helping to enhance a higher state of consciousness.

Helping to feel less scattered and more focused. It’s a very powerful healing crystal.

Hematite is also good to have on hand to either wear during meditation or to hold after your meditation.

Hematite is very effective at grounding and protecting. Helps to harmonise the Mind, Body, Spirit.

Brilliant to use after a Meditation to help you to feel balanced and centered, especially if it was a deep meditation.