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We have a Meditations suitable for everyone to enjoy.
Whether you are looking for something to help ease stress and anxiety, help you to relax, drifting into a peaceful sleep or a Meditation to help you make some life choices, helping you to connect to yourself and feel more In tune with your own energies, we have a Meditation to help.

If you are a complete beginner please take a look at all the supporting information to help get you started in a beneficial way.

The first package – Meditation for Beginners includes 3x Meditations which are the ones I like to share with beginners as it gives you a perfect foundation to your meditations and helps you with any other meditation you proceed to do.

The Shower of Light and the 1 Minute Meditation are included in this package for free!
The are both short and easy meditations that can be used in many different situations.
The Mindfulness of Breathing Meditation is the main meditation which helps you to relax into your breathing and helps you to calm the mind and set a really good foundation.
If you are someone that has a busy mind and find it hard to stop unwanted thoughts, this one is for you!

My advice would be to start with the first package and then you can add on any other MP3 Meditation of your choice.

We cover lots of Chakra Healing meditations and ways to help yourself rebalance on a energy level, helping to bring chakras back into alignment and cleanse away and negativity, helping you to feel great again!

If you would like a bespoke Meditation please select that option and get in touch, I can tailor a Meditation just for you and include anything that you personally would like to work on or need help with.

Most of the Meditations are approx 20mins which is a perfect time and allows you to fit it into your day much easier.
If you would like a shorter or longer Meditation this can be made into a bespoke for you.

Enjoy choosing your Meditation, any questions please reach out to me, I’m always willing to help.

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