How Do I Know If My Chakras Are Out of Balance? Knowing when you are balanced and unbalanced energetically can be something you can learn to become more in tune with. Having an understanding of your chakras and energy field and how they connect with us on a mental, emotional and physical level can help you to feel and sense more clearly when things go out of balance. Take a look at the chart and see how each of your chakras feel and how you resonate with the meanings.

There are meditations you can do to connect better to your chakras and get that sense and feeling of how they are resonating. The chakra meditations also give you the guidance to bring balance and alignment whilst also cleansing your energy field.

Other way you can balance your Chakras are by associating coloured clothing to a chakra you feel is needing some balance and you can use aromatherapy oils for the scents associated with each chakra.

Crystals are also a big favourite of mine to use for balancing chakras and bringing a general positive healing energy in. Depending on which crystals you choose will depend of which chakras you connect with. A easy guide is to go by colour, purple and white crystals connect to the crown, and so on. For more crystal ideas see the chakra chart.
If you are drawn to certain crystals that’s a good way of selecting what’s right for you, we are often drawn to the we energy need to bring balance and alignment.

Our Kaysoo Bracelets are designed to be a collection of energy, selecting what bracelets you are drawn to for the day and creating your own crystal energy blend to support your daily life.
Great for stacking, lots of people wear them in 3&4’s giving you so many different looks and crystal combinations!

Yoga is also a great way to balance chakras and bring a overall sense of well-being.

You can use sound to balance your chakras, each chakra has its own ‘note’ so listening to music that connects to a chakra can help clear and cleanse and bring balance.

There are lots of ways to balance your chakras, but using meditation is a beautiful way to actually connect and feel it. Feeling that sense of inner peace and calm whilst the healing energy flows through.