I have a passion for helping others!

My name is Kate Alden, I’m a Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Healer and co owner of KAYSOO- Crystal Healing Jewellery.
I love to help people regain balance and alignment within their life and energy field, so they feel more in control of their own healing journey and have the confidence to make the changes they want in life.

Having more understanding about our energy and learning how to be more in tune with your chakras, can have such a positive effect on your daily life and how you tackle problems and life experiences.

Being able to take yourself to a place of calm and experience that feeling of inner peace can help you turn so many negative situations into positive ones, I want to be able to help by giving you the tools to achieve this easily whilst offering you support along the way should you need it.

I have a background in Beauty & Complimentary Therapies and practiced this along side teaching Meditation and offering Crystal Healing and Hands on Healing Therapies to people in our healing centre and online.

Teaching Meditation by form of personal 1 2 1 sessions, Group Sessions, Workshops and Bespoke MP3 recordings have been something I have been doing for over 25 years, along the way I have had the pleasure of helping so many different people who all have different backgrounds and are wanting help in different ways, but the one thing everyone has in common is the want to be able to help themselves and find ways to cope, become more in tune with themselves and their own energy field and learn how to bring balance and alignment which promotes a more positive and healthy wellbeing.

After recently being diagnosed with ADHD and also dealing with Fibromyalgia on a daily basis, I use all of the tips and tools I recommend to help live a life that helps me deal with things and symptoms a little better. I am someone who can’t take medication and so I feel very lucky that I have grown up with the understanding of how we function energetically as well as physically, using crystals and meditation to help keep balance and alignment within my chakras I have managed to deal with situations a lot better that perhaps I could of if I didn’t know.


A big compliment I get is people say they ‘find my meditations easy to follow and they are able to stay with them and keep their focus.’
I don’t leave long gaps in my meditations, I am always connecting with you in some way to avoid you mind from wandering and taking you out of the meditation.
This is a natural thing for me to keep it flowing as I struggled so much in the beginning with any kind of meditation.
I could never sit still, always needed to move some part of my body and couldn’t even keep my eyes shut less alone think about quieting my mind!
I knew that for the healing work I wanted to learn I had to master meditation, this was all I needed to know, somehow I would achieve it, I just had to find ‘my’ way. (I was 15 at the time and so as you can imagine not the most trendiest thing to be doing either back then.)
I tried lots of different ways and found things that helped me. (All of which are included on this site.)
I learnt and understood that meditation can be many things and I just needed to make it things I did enjoy and grow from there.

So if you are someone that has a busy mind, can’t sit still, loose focus and go off with other thoughts every time you try to meditate, a meditation from our Shop could be the answer.

With the experience I have myself, I have made meditations that cater especially for the busy mind!
We even have a specific meditation called- The ‘Busy Mind’ Meditation, they are all easy to follow and can be enjoyed by everyone.

If you know me from my love for Crystals, this passion is now focused into my business I co own with Sue Dabbs, my Mum.
KAYSOO is a handmade bespoke Crystal Jewellery shop where we use high quality crystals and Sterling Silver or 14k Gold Filled Beads.

We are known for our Kaysoo Original Crystal Bracelet’s, a collection of over 20 crystal types to choose from these bracelets are available in 5 sizes and are designed to be worn as a close fit.
The unique design was created by Kaysoo and offers a combination of your chosen crystal type with Clear Quartz set out to offer protection and deflection against electromagnetic energies.

A Kaysoo Original Crystal Bracelet is a very powerful self healing tool.

Over 20 Crystal types to choose from, Kaysoo also offer ‘Togetherness Crystal Bracelets’, 3 Bead Crystal Bracelets, Sterling Silver and Gold Stacking Bracelets and Rings.

All made using high quality elastic making them stretch bracelets and stretch rings. Perfect for those who have difficulty wearing a traditional style solid ring.

Bespoke crystal bracelets available too, so if you require help with a particular healing need, we can advise which crystals make the best combination for you.

We ship Worldwide and can ship straight to a recipient if sending as a gift with a personal note included.

Lots of our customers are loving collecting the whole range, giving themselves a whole array of crystals to choose from each day.
The combinations of crystals and energy blends are endless, you really do have everything you need to help bring balance and alignment to your chakras and energy field.
Kaysoo is like having your own ‘Energy wardrobe’

“Start Your Day The Kaysoo Way!”

Combine crystals and meditation by using your Kaysoo bracelets and connecting to the different crystal energies. See here for the Crystal Meditation.

Enjoy browsing through the site, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you and enjoy

Katiey x